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Quills Commitments

Plant a Tree Programme

Shop from our eco range to earn reward points redeemable for planting trees through the World Land Trust charity.

We also offer a dedicated eco purchasing section on our website, featuring a variety of environmentally friendly workplace supplies such as paper, catering equipment, cleaning supplies, recycling bins, and more.

Happy packaging

Our key supplier no longer uses single-use plastic and creates packing void onsite. We deliver in various box sizes to avoid waste.

At headoffice we use paper packing tape, and we reuse or recycle boxes when possible. Regular deliveries can be sent in reusable plastic crates to reduce packaging waste.

Careful Route Planning

We optimise routes daily to be fuel efficient. Our vans meet ULEZ standards, are regularly maintained and have low emissions.

Out-of-area deliveries use local depots or third-party couriers. Annually, we calculate and offset CO2 emissions through the World Land Trust and we're working to be Net Zero by 2050.


We support the World Land Trust Plant a Tree programme through our rewards programme and other local community initiatives.

In 2023, we donated money and paper to Arts for All Charity, and 90 reams of paper to John Scurr Primary School. In 2024, we donated 100 glue sticks, reusable notepads and pens to the same school.

Embracing Sustainability in 2024:Our Transformative Initiatives

In 2024, we're actively pursuing sustainable practices. This includes exploring closed-loop solutions and transitioning to mains-fed water systems instead of bottled water stations. At our Head Office, energy-efficient lighting was implemented in January. We're proud to source renewable energy from SEFE and British Gas.

To reduce waste, we've phased out supplier hard copy catalogues (just one to go!) and our catalogues are 100% recyclable with biodegradable paper. Recycling initiatives cover tech equipment, paper, cardboard, batteries, toner cartridges and plastic. We prioritise digital storage to minimise paper use, printing only when necessary and prioritise electronic marketing materials to reduce printing and posting.

All non-recyclable electrical equipment is disposed of responsibly. Our commitment extends to introducing new sustainable solutions for both our clients and within Quills itself.

Our key supplier is ISO 14001 accredited, fully dedicated to improving environmental and social governance across their supply chain. Since 2019, our eco range has expanded from 1,120 to over 6,000 lines by May 2023, with a commitment to increase by 5% annually. They also aim to decrease waste, greenhouse gas emissions, and single-use plastic by 5% year on year, starting from 2022.

Cup Recycling

Quills Group are a member of the National Cup Recycling Scheme to help our customers manage the disposal of polyethylene lined paper cups and stop them going to landfill.

The good news is that the polyethylene lined cups can now be recycled and don’t need to go to landfill. If you’d like to start recycling these cups, get in touch to order a box which can hold up to 700 cups. The waste will be collected and sent to a special UK recycling facility.

Get in touch to order a box today and start recycling.

Battery Recycling

  • Valpack provide a battery recycling service to all businesses and organisations within the UK.
  • Start recylcing your batteries by requesting a free box to collect your 6V, D, C, AA, AAA and 9V batteries.
  • Once the box is full, email or call 03450 682 572 to arrange a collection (allow 7-10 days for your collection) and your box will be returned or a replacement provided if yours is damaged (free of charge).
  • View our video guide  and safety storage poster here.

Coffee Pod Recycling

  • Quills are delighted to have launched pod recycling for 2024.  Our pod recycling box is ready and waiting to be filled with your used pods and then sent off to be recycled.
  • If you buy your pods from Quills, we can collect your used pods and capsules when we next deliver to your workplace.
  • To get you up and running all you need is a small kitchen work top bin to place your used coffee or tea pods in (squeeze out the excess liquid) and just before it’s full, get in touch and we’ll arrange to collect your pods. We will decant the box of pods on our van and return the box to you.
  • Get in touch to see if we can collect within your postcode.

Eco Business Supplies

  • We have over 6,000 eco products for all your everyday office and catering essentials.  Shop eco supplies on our dedicated page – click here.
  • We love the Rocketbook which is a re-useable pad. You write on the pages, photograph your notes, send them to the cloud and then wipe them away and then keep re-using the pages in the pad – genious!
  • Check out the eco-catering supplies range here.
  • Add eco items to your 'favourite' or ‘contracts’ area on our online ordering portal so that employees know which eco items your business wishes to be order.
  • Request eco alternatives for your most frequently used items – just get in touch with a member of the team.


  • Make sure all electrical equipment is turned off when you leave the office.
  • Is your office lighting on sensors and energy efficient? Get in touch with our FM team if you’d like us to check.
  • Investigate taking all, or a percentage of your energy from renewable sources or ‘green tariffs’.
  • Choose energy efficient products – look for labels such as the EU Energy label.
  • Check out our Environmental Information page for more information about eco symbols and what they mean.
  • Manage heating and cooling with timers and sensor controls.
  • As part of your maintenance works, ensure boilers, HVACs and air conditioning units are regularly maintained to ensure they are energy efficient.
  • Set a gap or ‘dead band’ between heating and air conditioning control temperatures of about five degrees to avoid them operating at the same time.


  • Heat free printing. Consider switching to heat free printers which use up to 54% less energy consumption than laser printers.
  • High Yield Ink Supply Units.  Replaceable Ink Pack Systems (RIPS) are super high yield ink units, providing up to 84,000 pages between ink changes.
  • Do you use the Secure Print feature on your printer?  This means you won’t forget that you’ve printed and then reprint a document again.  You pop a pin number in once at the printer and your document will then print securely only being seen by you.
  • Recycle toner cartridges.  This can be done direct with the manufacturer or if you purchase your toners throuh Quills, email us to book a collection.
  • Think before you print. Add this to your email auto-signatures as a reminder to everyone.
  • Print double-sided if documents have to be printed.


  • Use digital communications where possible rather than printing.
  • Try re-useable notebooks.  We love the Rocketbook which is a re-useable notebook, write, snap to the cloud and wipe away! Check out the range here.
  • Consider using recycled printer paperview here.
  • Print double-sided if documents have to be printed.
  • Request online invoices from suppliers.
  • Re-use envelopes for internal communications.
  • Send out an email campaign to employees promoting the benefits of recycling.


  • Recycle office furniture.  Get in touch with local councils, charities or schools or email  to discuss solutions to help meet your environmental targets.
  • Recycle waste. Install recycling bins to sort paper\cardboard, plastic, glass and food.  Get in touch for support to set up your waste management solutions.
  • Tech & clothing. Don’t forget workwear and old tech equipment which can be recycled.  Get in touch here.
  • Recycle toner cartridges.  See printer section above.
  • Batteries recycling. See battery section above.